Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Mamita--Teacher of the Year

The following picture and article were printed in this past weeks paper in my home town. She is up for teacher of the year for the state of Utah and she got it for our district. This just tells a little about her...This guy next to her is Mark Huntsman, a good family friend, and the Board Vice President.

Brenda Robinson selected as Millard School District’s Teacher of the Year for 2008-2009

Mrs. Brenda Robinson was honored at the Board of Education meeting held on Thursday,
September 11, 2008 for her selection as Millard School District’s Teacher of the Year for the 2008-2009 school year.

Over the past 20 years, Mrs. Robinson has served in many positions for Millard School District. She has taught second grade, fourth grade, sixth grade, and is currently teaching second grade and serving as the District’s Literacy Coordinator. While serving in these capacities, she has earned her Masters Degree from Southern Utah University along with a Gifted & Talented Endorsement and a Level I Reading Endorsement.

She is a very dedicated and knowledgeable professional. As the District Literacy Coordinator, she has contributed five years of her time and talents. With this position, she has been instrumental in implementing the State of Utah’s K-3 Reading Initiative, benchmark testing, a writing curriculum emphasis, and has provided training to principals and teachers in using screening, program monitoring, and diagnostic testing for valid and reliable purposes. She has served on several curriculum review committees with the Utah State Office of Education and has served on the SUTEC board.

In a world of educational change and challenges, her philosophy of teaching is realizing that a teacher brings innumerable rewards – extrinsic and intrinsic. She also feels that teachers do make a difference in the lives of others – children, parents, and colleagues! Teaching is rewarding and that she has the daily opportunity to make positive, life changing differences in children, adults, and herself.

Mrs. Robinson was born in Salina, Utah and raised in Redmond, Utah. She was educated in Sevier School District. In 1972, she married Alden C. Robinson and is the mother of three children: Scott, Suzette, and Sally. She is grandmother of eight grandchildren with two more due in January.

She will be competing for the title of Utah’s Teacher of Year on October 3, 2008. The Millard School Board of Education thanked her for her tremendous years of dedication and wished her well on October 3rd.

I declare it Fall.

There is one thing about California that I think I will never get used to... The lack of seasons. I guess I just need them. Each year now when I know in the rest of the world fall is coming and leaves are turning orange, and the air is getting colder and its still not here, (ahem, its supposed to be 88 degrees today...) I have just chosen a date to declare it officially fall (this does not always fall in line with the September Equinox... sometimes its still to warm to justify it...) Well, it is now Fall at our house. I was craving a few new little decorations and I went to ZGallerie (CANT GO WRONG WITH ZGALLERIE!!!) And found these cute little critters... I havent named them yet, but I thought they were adorable. Welcome Fall.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Here you go

So here it is, the long awaited belly pic. We are 5 1/2 and this thing popped out in the last 3-4 weeks or so. If you try to push or disdend your belly out as far as possible and then keep it pushed out like that, thats how I feel, like I cant stop pushing it out and I wish I could just stop for a minute, releave the stretching or someone just pop me... I've been scanning my mission pics and ran across my "bump day" pic... Do I look 9 months in that pic? HAHA... Geez, that was 7 years ago!

I dont know what she is...

This weekend we were able to celebrate my sister in laws 20th birthday. She's not a teenager any more but she's legally not an adult yet... Im not sure what she is, other then great of course. :) We went to dinner at Yamoto, this fabulous little place and they came out to sing to her. I've never seen anything so funny, I tried to get pics, but it wasnt working very well. There were four of them, 2 were wearing Christmas hats, one with antlers, who was bouncing around so much shaking a tamboreen (not asian, nor christmasy) and we couldnt figure out for the life of us what the monkey mas meant either. But it was so funny... "one, two, three, four..." Happy Birthday my darling Snuggle Cakes... (thats a whole other story).

"Un Buen Pive"

(aka a Good Guy) We were so lucky to be able to hang out my good friend Devin Jensen from Utah all last week. He got into the same masters that I just finished and he came out for a week to start. Devin was my boss in Utah and its been three years already! This pic was right before I moved. So fun to catch up. Thanks for staying with us Dev, and good luck with the program.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two for the Price of Two

This is my funny for the day...CT and I have mostly similar views when it comes to money. Sometimes though we differ drastically in what we both deem as being important. The money isnt always the #1 slot on my list of priorities when we are deciding something as it is his. So the other day we were having another budget discussion about these nenes (an almost pleasant one this time... ) It was almost humerous, he kept refering to an ice pick in his back and that I needed to just take it out (did I say drama runs in our family?) when CT told me that in the beginning he thought that this twin thing was great because we were going to get two for the price of one... :) Then he smiled and said, "Now I understand that this is really two for the price of two" .

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Love Target

They need to post more of these, because its one of my Fav SNL skits

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Shower

Since I'm doing everything in two's these days, I might as well do double time here too. I was so fortunate to be able to fly home for a quickie weekend and see just about all of my family on both sides! CT had been out doing a rotation in UT and I met him there. We drove to Ogden where we had dinner with all of his aunts and cousins. It was so fun to see everyone and have time to chat. Lately I've been getting that only once a year at Sun Valley, so this was a treat... Thank you all so much for coming and for being so generous and supporting us.

Then that night we drove to my house and my sister and mom put on another baby shower there with just about the whole town! It was so much fun. Normally when I go home we dont get to go to church because we are traveling on Sunday and this was the same, so it was so fun to see everyone. My sister really knocked this one out of the ball park. Everything was so nice but those diaper cakes (2 of course) were awesome! She made them by herself and if you read her blog, you'll see she has two crazy boys that keep her so busy, I just dont know how she found time to do it all. But I love ya Sal. We had brunch, played a game or two, quilted a few baby quilts... So here's a few pics of that day too.

Thank you all for your generosity and for traveling to come and see us. I appreciate it so much. I dont think I'll make it home again until after these two make thier appearance, (but maybe I'll get lucky and get to come home one more time...) Im convinced that we live just too far away :)

Half way there

So today is half time. I cant beleive we have already come 5 months. I havent decided if it is going by too slow or too fast... I know it doesnt have anything to do with biological clocks really, but I thought this was kind of funny :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

"Staff Training"

Once a year the office takes a day to go over some very serious training for the year. This years training happened at the Glen Ivy Day Spa. It was rough, let me tell you... * None of the pics were of our party, we banned cameras, but you get the idea...

Workshop 1: Renting the private cabana and meeting in the salt water pool...
Workshop #2: After a rigorous #1, we had to take a little break and workshop #2 was to float in the floating pool for a good hour...

It really was harder then it seemed, so we had to order lunch and have it delivered by our cabana boy named Marcus... Now I was disappointed that marcus wasnt more strapling... and shirtless... but he was attentive.

After lunch we quickly started workshop #3... the mudd bathWorkshop #4 was the Grotto: A lovely green algae rub down for 15 minutes, luxurious showers, and a relaxation room with fresh tea, apples, and mist falling all around. I must say (growl at me if you like) but this is the only time in my life that I will EVER go green :)

The rest of the afternoon was a review of the mineral pools, roman spa, steam room, and who doesnt do a little shopping in the gift shop afterwards? Well Ladies, I very much look forward to next years "training".