Friday, August 29, 2008

For my dear Adrienne, I"ve been tagged

Go on and's a short tag...

4 Things I like about my husband: genious, handsome, worthy, a good kisser :)

4 Movies I have watched more than once: Labrynth, Pride and Prejudice, 50 First Dates, Did I say Pride and Prejudice? I watch that atleast 1 a week, the full 6 hour version.

4 TV shows I watch: Al Diablo con los Guapos, Fuego en la Sangre (yes, Im addicted to mexican soaps), The Office of course (yes, I have the premier scheduled in my calendar... nothing but death will keep me from it.) And I'd have to say House or Greys, and yes, they are in there too.

4 Places I have been: Disneyland, Kennedy Space Center, Grand Canyon, Seattle.

4 People who email me regularly: My mother, Christopher, stupid students, my sister

4 Favorite foods: cold cereal, steak, ice cream, molasses cookies

4 Places I would like to visit: Europe (all of it). Great barrier reef, Argentina (por supuesto), DC. Been there but I love it and want to go back.

4 Things I am looking forward to in the coming year: two babies. Not working any more (Im still in negotiations with that one) CHristopher being home more, Lake Powell (since we missed it this year, only the second time in my life, the first being the mission. What a sad sad summer it has been!)

Majority Rules

So for those of you who want to know what they are, the very smart people who voted on the left for a boy/girl combination were right! :)

25% said Boy/Boy
62% said Boy/Girl
13% said Girl Girl

A space opened up and we got to go in yesterday to see what was happening. The little boy is on top and he wasnt shy at all! His little 3rd leg was very clear. The little darling on the bottom though was so modest and kept her little legs shut for a good hour! It took some coaxing and proding to get her to give it up but she finally did. Both little hearts still beating and everything looks normal. They are about 1 lb between the two of them about probably 6 inches long, but all curled up of course. I've posted the video below... They didnt start recording until after all the good shots, but take a look if you want.

17 weeks, alive, and well


This is on youtube too, its bigger there, just search srobinson179 and you should find it.

Apparently you can see what they are... I cant. And about 40 seconds into it, you can hear one of thier heart beats. After a few minutes it changes to the 4D view which creeps me out. It will show the little boy and he looks just wicked! Like Skelator or something... anyway. Just thought I'd post in in case you wanted to see.

Monday, August 25, 2008

How can I forget!

How can I forget my most frequent symptom of pregnancy--the dreaming! See how nice this woman is sleeping, this is not me. I had read that pregnant women had weird vivid dreams, my sister in law told me she had them, but I had no idea! Talk about vivid and when I wake up I can remember every little detail. Sometimes they are just plain weird and others they are bad dreams (which isnt good when you can remember the details so clearly). Sometimes Im just so tired and want to go to sleep but Im more exhausted in the morning from the stupid dreams.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pregnancy Woes

Lets start at the beginning. So people have been asking me how I"ve been feeling or how I"ve been. I consider myself lucky so far. In the very beginning I started with Zit Face. I dont get zits, so this was traumatic. I bought the strongest over the counter stuff I could and it about burned my face off, but no more zits.

In a normal pregnancy, next would come puke face, but I was fortunate enough to not even have a day of queeziness. The only thing is that come food tastes a little different. I'm sorry to those friends who are pregnant and havent had such luck.

I did get the whole tired thing though. I was coming home and sleeping from like 5-7 and then going to bed at 9 and still not getting enough sleep. But now that stage has passed.

The next stage, minor, and mostly just irritating was the constipation. But nothing bad enough that a bowl of bran flakes wouldnt fix. That stage has now passed too. (no pun intended).

Now, and probably the most irritating is the hormonal stage. It seems like Im always mad. Short tempered and irritated. I think its similar to the worst pms ever X10. Which really bothers me because in my brain I know Im feeling ridiculous and acting ridiculous and I just need to step away for a few minutes to get it together. Its just retarded that I cant keep it together in the first place. So Im sorry to those of you who have to deal with me now... I've also been getting headaches. I think they have something to do with each other because I dont ever get headaches either. But again, nothing bad enough to bother doing anything about it. Just a nusance.

So there you go. The full report. Im sorry there isnt anything more interesting to report. Nothing to actually WOE over. I consider myself pretty lucky but I know that since Im having a great pregnancy... watch out! These two will be something else entirely!

My Husband Loves Me

Need I say more?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Home Sweet Home

For our anniversary we took off this weekend up the coast to go see Hearst Castle, a lovely place I've decided we will need to buy one day and live there. Or atleast make an exact replica somewhere else, or even, I'd be satisfied with a miniature neptune pool... I'd just need one marble mermaid, thats all :) The "castle" itself was amazing and it took just about everything in me to not dive into that pool! I was almost going to be disgusted with this guy who wasted so much money on his house but he was a philanthropist as well and since 1975 alone his estate has given $725 million dollars in grants to different people and organizations. So I can be too mad. Thats a lot of money ;) So here's some pics of our trip. We drove up PCH, something I'd always wanted to do and we stopped in Malibu to eat at Paradise Cove (try it, you'll love it). We stayed at the blue dolphin bed and breakfast, right on the beach, which was so nice, and besides the castle we saw elephant seals, regular seals, and otter (funny little otter was floating on his back slapping his arms up and down in the water), lots of other wildlife (the one and only deer I've EVER seen in California)...
The central coast reminded me of Portland's coast, trees, no cement, and very very cold. And then we decided to just drive around Cambria and we happened across Nitt Witt Ridge, a California Historical Site, that we never knew existed. Apparently as WR Hearst was spending his fortune up on the hill, this guy decided to "answer" Hearst with his own creation. Its all made out of junk like toilets and tire rims and broken plates... He made a water feature out of old tubs, not exactly the 3500 year old egyption statue water feature like up on the hill but definetly just as interesting :) You can take tours, we didnt know or else I think we would have :) We just stopped and gawlked. Haha. What a fun trip honey, we need to do it again right quick XOX

Friday, August 1, 2008

5 years and still Kickin'

Today we have been married for 5 years...

It all began in 2002 when we both returned from our missions. Here's Christopher’s homecoming in August. We started dating more in like October ish.

This is the trip over Valentines Day to Palm Springs when we decided that marriage was our ultimate fate (unbeknownst to his family).

This is the trip so Bear Lake the weekend we were engaged later in the spring of 03. He was going to propose here, but because we got in a wicked fight over it a few days earlier he did it then instead . Stupid me, no pics. Who doesn’t take pics of the day they got engaged?!!

Invitations go out in June ish... and Married Today.
One of my co-workers say that you are in the honey moon phase until atleast 5 years. Well, honey, the last 5 years have been one wild adventure and Im very much looking forward to the next 5. Lets see if we cant prove Susana wrong :) Te amo.