Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yes, we are having 2. :) We are due Feb 5th (although Im not planning on getting that far.) We dont know what they are yet, but hopefully soon. If you want to see a video of my last ultrasound follow the link. My sister thinks they are both boys because one is punching and kicking and the other is mooning us the whole time :) We'll see I guess. Anyone want to guess?

♫ It Happened In SunValley ♫

♫ Not so very long ago... ♫

Oh, Sun Valley. Came and went too fast. We got to see all our favorite people and do all our favorite things. Relaxing, swimming, tanning, shooting, skating, games, eating, gosspiping, eating some more, games more, more swimming, more relaxing... What a good time. It was so fun to be with you all :)

Yes I read it, and yes, I thought it was pretty good. She's such a good story teller. Although I was told to wait to pg 300, I couldnt put it down after about 150. Once I figured out who was talking. But yes, pg 300 exactly is a pretty good page :)

My First Earthquake

Everyone knows we had an earthquake yesterday. Most of you reading this probably felt it. But DANG, that was my first and THAT WAS SCARY! I work on the 3rd floor of our building and apparently the higher you get the worse it feels because the building starts swaying! Yes, SWAYING. Even though we are like 20 miles away from it, my computer screens almost fell on the floor. I had a student in my office and we ran for the door ways, I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest! And I probably swore. Growing up next to volcanos I always had nightmares that our house was going to burn down in a river of lava, since moving here my dreams have changed and Im terrified that I will be on the freeway under a bridge or other freeway when it happens and I'll be crushed when it collapses. So when I drive under them, I wait till its clear and then drive really fast to get out from the other side. It will probably never happen, but still... FREAKS ME OUT! I am convinced 1/2 of California will one day fall off into the ocean. I called my sister in law in Idaho and she was kind of mad she missed it. She tried to console me by saying there was a bear roaming around the cabin. I'll take the bear. That I can shoot. In the end I think Nature will kill us both :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Birfday round 2

So to celebrate the birfday boys day with the in laws a few weeks ago we decided to all go up and see these terracotta warriors that are in the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. Very cool exhibite. And the closest Ill ever get to them unless my good hubby takes me to China one day. One of these beauties now graces our tv stand. So the story for the day was getting there though... it was a wild trip. Ry and Ash came and picked us up and on the freeway we were talking about the carpool lane and how the fees have gone up dramatically and how Utahns dont know how to drive in one. Well we were in it and we thought we were going to miss out exit so Ashley looked around and said there were no cops so Ry pulled a fast one and crossed the double yellow line. A big no-no. ($380 fine...) As we are sailing over towards the exit we look back and there was a cop RIGHT BEHIND US. In Ashleys defense it was just a white unmarked cop car, but it did have the big red light on the drivers side door and the suspiciously dark windows. It was so COP I was shocked she missed it. Needless to say Ashley has been FIRED as our cop look out! :) He passed by us staring us down as we exited, but he kept on going. Then a few days later we went to dinner at this great new japanese restaurant. Best steak Ive had in a while. Delish! We then went back to the house to play some more fat dog, eat some more icecream, and open more presents. I think the boy is loved. He should put on a happy face :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

He thinks its his Birfday.

The boy is 27. I know, a youngin still... But I love him anyways. The night before we kind of got into an argument that why did I need to drive the car the next day... the NEED is that its the boys birthday and how am I supposed to surprise him if he knows Im doing it... so I won the fight and took the car the next day to work. After he got up and left, I got up quick and got ready and ran to the store and bought a bunch of balloons and his cake and decorations. I then went back home at lunch to set it all up so that when he beat me home that night it would all be set up for him (THATS WHY THE WIFE NEEDS THE CAR SOMETIMES :) ) He did in fact beat me home and I found him laying there in the coco chair enjoying the balloons that were everywhere. WE just chilled for an hour and I took him to his favorite restaurante, Ginas Pizza, and then we went to see WallE the movie. (Political agendas aside, very cute and funny, we highly recommend it). WE came home and he blew out his candles... the frosting turned his teeth green and he opened presents. Among other random things like a shirt and new sonic tooth brush (all not exciting but necesary) I bought him this skull. Its really a clock on the inside, but he played with it for 1/2 hour in Z Gallerie. 1st year when he was taking anatomy he kept the real skull he had in our bookshelf. Apparently to my untrained eye its a pretty good replica of a real skull. So its now gracing his desk. I thought maybe it could replace the real one :) I love you Honey, Happy 27th. You're almost caught up to me.

4th of July

Like everyone else, we decided to celebrate the 4th of July. :) Its not like the 4th at home where we get up early to go to the parade or anything, so for the first half of the day we decided to play house and do a little cleaning. I exagerate when I say a little, because we exploded with teh cleaning bug and cleaned out two closets. Its was not a small job. But by the afternoon we had had it and wanted to party... so we crashed the inlaws house and had a fabuloso BBQ. Dogs and Burgers and everything else that would make any BBQ the best... De-Lish. Then we just hung out and played fat dog. If anyone doestn know what that is, its after you eat a large meal, you just go flop somewhere to digest. Good food, good conversation, the day was getting better. And if you try to take my picture by surprise, you never know what you're gonna get :)

And it just wouldnt be the 4th without Fireworks... so we went to the church that sits on a cliff and we nestled in and were able to watch 4 or 5 shows across the valley. Its not the same as being right under then on the grass, smelling the smoke, and having your chest vibrate from the booms, but this is just as good, in a different way. So despite the spiders in the bushes we were sitting on, it was a lovely show. After that we went back home for desert (because we had officially digested after several hours) and finish star wars the movie. All in All... a successful 4th of July. :)