Friday, June 27, 2008

A bad blogger with a great family

I know I've been so bad at this lately, I thought once I graduated I would have some time to blog and get caught up... hasnt exactly happened that way, and I blame it on my family :) I was so lucky that they ALL decided to come and visit us last week. We spent a few days at Disneyland. We were able to ride all the fun rides and we went to the characters breakfast where we didnt have to wait to see them, they came around to our table, which was so nice! Swimming at the pool at the hotel was a blast and then a LOVELY day at the beach where the kids had so much fun learning to body board and I was so proud of them, they did such a good job. They really picked it up and were catching waves all afternoon! I love them so much and appreciate the time they took to come and see me. Im hoping to make it sooner then another 6 months before we get to see them again.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Good Husband

3 years ago when we moved here I told Christopher I really wanted a new leather chair to add to our furniture collection. We drove around the student housing and as I cried because it was so ghetto he said "ok, if you let us live in student housing Ill let you get a chair" . WELL, he renigged. But now, 3 years later my good husband has followed through and for my graduation bought me this lovely chair from ZGallerie. And ITS FABULOUS! Thank you Honey, I love it!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My "aselfish" car could eat yours for lunch

In an unprecedented event, I have decided to post on our blog. One of life's little annoyances is the compact car spot. I am writing not from the point of view of those who get bent out of shape when something larger than a lawnmower is parked in the spot, but from a person who has learned to park a larger car in the "you should really be driving a prius" spot. I have especially honed these skills living in Southern California where everything is a compact spot and the 4 non-compact spots have Civics parked in them. The same is true for UCI Medical Center's Parking lot. After a full day of hospital work, I came back to my Tahoe that was beautifully parked in its spot with a whole 4 inches to spare on each side only to find this note on my windshield.

I could not figure out how I was being "aselfish" for parking my car in a parking spot. Perhaps he was upset because I used up more of my parking space than he did. I don't know. In any event, I don't think the guy looked at the spot hard enough. Anybody who drives an SUV is able to read the fine print.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wanna be Mormon?

Apparently in SoCal if your Mormon then you get discount tickets once a year to Mormon night at Angel Stadium. We thought we'd go and represent :) We went an hour late so we didnt have to fight the crowds, enjoyed the last few innings where we lost anyways, and ate cotton candy, which lets be honest, thats why I go anyway. :) But Im thankful for a good husband who isnt a total sports lover who takes me on dates to such things anyways. My next goal is to get him to take me to a lakers or clippers V Jazz and YOU KNOW I'll be rooting Jazz almost embarassingly. :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hard Earned Bee Butt

So this was me in 2004 when I graduated from BYU with my bachelors. As you can see there isnt anything grand about my robe, just black, no cords, no sashes, not even the ones you can buy for yourself in the bookstore. Nothing special. During the commencment I watched in awe as I saw the masters students walking around with thier hoods and Christopher happened to hear me say to myself " I want one of those..." Well... the time has come. I GOT ONE ON SATURDAY!!!! YEAH!!!!! I graduated with my Masters in Criminology Law and Society. I've been working on it these last two years (3 really if you count studying for the GRE). The ceremony was boring of course, but I did have my moment to walk across the stage and shake some guys hand who I'd never met before, but I didnt care because he was giving me a very important peice of paper. Mom and Dad were in Europe so they werent able to come but I did wear the earrings they gave me for my last graduation so that was them kind of being there. But Ry and Beck came and so did Susana from my office. It was so nice of them! But the totally best part of course was the hood... isnt it beautiful? So I got it out of the bag though and I was like... whats this bee butt thing? I have a bee butt. I still dont kinow what it means. Apparently the extra long sleeves means that we've "extended our education" but the bee butt I have yet to figure out. So if anyone knows??? All I know is that I have one now and this time, there was no jealousy between me and the PhD's. They didnt look all that different. They just have felt on the sleeves and if I want some of that I'll just sew it on myself :) HAHA.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

This one's for Sal ;)

What is his name? Christopher
How long did you date? I first met Christopher on our missions in 2001. I got home in April and He in August of 02. We started dating in October and were married by August of the next year.
How long have you been married? 5 years in august
Who is taller? Christopher, by a good foot, which means I can wear any tall shoes I want and the taller the better.
Who eats more? Christopher, of course.
Who is the better singer? Christopher for sure!
Who does the laundry? Me, usually, but CHristopher sometimes when he wants to show he truly loves me because he knows I hate having to haul it down to the launder mat.
Who pays the bills? Me... I'm the suga-momma :)
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me. I prefer the left and we fought over it. But he won. But I figure the left side is closer to the door, so if we get robbed, they'll meet him first.
Who mows the lawn? The nice mexicans
Who cooks dinner? Me, sometimes. I've kind of stopped lately, I"ve been so busy. Maybe when I dont have to work and come home exhausted afterwards I might start up again. Usually we fend for ourselves.
Who drives? Depends on the day.
Who is more stubborn? I dont know. We each have our moments.
Who kissed who first? I think I kissed him first. It was wet. I definitely said I love you first.
Who asked who out? He asked me to lunch, I guess that counts, but only because I was so mad at him... if you want to know more, just ask.
Who proposed? He did. Again, only because I was so mad at him! HAHA, this is a trend! Ask me about that one too :)
Who is more sensitive? Christopher by far. "Put down your fishing pole and come and talk about feelings with me..." Now when he feels neglected emotionally he tells me to put down my pole.
Who has more siblings? Our families are identical, even down to the years between siblings.
Who wears the pants? We both enjoy pants. HAHA. I dont know, depends on the day.

Love ya Sally.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Fridays Disappointment

So as good as Thursday's monumental day was, it did ease the sadness of friday. A few posts ago I talked about my love for camping and how I was determinned. We had looked at our schedules for the entire summer and there was one weekend we could do it. Friday May 30th. But alas... it was not to be. The camping god's have been neglected so long I think I have angered them. Christopher had to work a 30 hour shift Friday night. Unless I was to go by myself, I was not to enjoy the beauty that the Ronald M Caspers Wilderness Park has to offer. Fortunatly because of the drought, the same day I recieved a phone call that there was no water at the facility and they would give me a full refund of my deposit which I thought I was just going to have to eat. So it seems it wasnt meant to be after all. My tent and sleeping bag and lantern and coolers and dutch ovens all still sit sadly and dusty in my in-laws garage... one day. My day will come :)

Momumental Day

So one of the things I've been meaning to talk about was my momumental day last thursday... I returned home from my mission April 11th 2002 and since that very day I have been on a quest to find all things Argentine that I love here... trying to keep the connections. Most things I have found, Mate, Montecol, alfajores, dulce de leche, aun churros con dulce de leche dentro... But alas, one thing, one of my favorite things have eluded me... Paso de los Toros. This most exquistite beverage was my all time favorite, a sweet and tart grapefruit soda that makes squirt taste like (I dont even know what, but disgusting) in comparison... I found it once in Florida and to have it shipped to me would cost $60. Not something I could justify... I found a mexican replacement... Jarritos de Toronja... it was ok. An acceptable alternative...The worst part is that PEPSI makes this product and it just isnt sold here... I just dont get it. I was beginning to decide that the only way to get some is to fly to Argentina myself and bring it back. Until Thursday. Thursday I was given the address to a random very small argentine grocery store in Anaheim and I took the trip, no expectations, I had lost the faith... Montecol, canocitos, everything else I loved.... And in the bottom of the fridge section... there they stood. Two lonely lovely extra tall and thin litre botellas of that heavenly soda... My arms were full of stuff but I grabbed both of them, price didnt matter (3.50) and I bought the store out! I tried to explain to the cashier my excitement, I think she thinks I was crazy, and I told her to get me some more cause I'd be back... I dont know how easy it is to get, but for one day atleast that lovely just carbenated enough tart liqued joy flowed down my gullet for the first time in 6 years. Thursday was a monumental day :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Brain Dead

This... this is how I feel today. It has been an incredibly long week... but tonight, tonight I took my final final of my life! I tied up all loose ends, and if I EVER log back into that school website again, I think I"ll puke. But the good news is that its done. And the other good news is that I picked up my cap and gown yesterday and saturday I walk... Finally. Hopefully by then I will have some function back and I can tell you all how it went... If you dont hear from me its because my brain deadness actually killed me. In that case, I love you all, and I'll see you on the other side!