Monday, May 5, 2008

Just Friends

This weekend was the welcome weekend for the Paul Merage Business School. Friday night we had a lovely dinner at Il Fornaio here in Irvine. It was business dress, so Christopher was all spiffy in his suit and we got there early to mingle. I asked him if he was nervous and he said no, but I could tell he kind of was. Neither of us are very good at getting to know new people. So when we got there we walked up to a group that we already knew some of them from the med school and one guy introduced his girlfriend to us, and Christopher turned around and said "Yeah, and this is my friend, Suzette." HAHA. Apparently we are just friends now. I think that broke the ice. It was pretty funny. The next day we spent some quality time at the beach and then we had another dinner. This one was a harbor cruise dinner in Newport Beach. I was really looking forward to it. I'd never been on a harbor cruise before. I was a little disappointed. We just drove very slowely past all the rich peoples houses. Then we turned around and went back. But there was more time to mingle and pretend like they were doing business. Afterall, that's what business is all about right? Networking. It was fun, Kristy and Jarod Goodman went with us on the second night. This is a pic of CT and J talking big business aka HALO which they played till midnight after we got home :)

We spent most of the night in the disco lounge chatting with the other couples. At one point during the night another of the MBA reps came down, he apparently is the head of the "marrieds" for the current MBA students. So he went in on his speal that the first year will be hard and that we should just stick with it and its a strain on married life... BLAH BLAH BLAH. Once we clarified that we were all MD/MBA students and we had been at it for 3 years already and that this is the vacation year, he felt kind of stupid and left shortly thereafter. We all decided that the regular MBA kids (yes kids because they were all younger and just coming back to grad school) were very intimidated by all the MDs. As they should be because our MD/MBA husbands ROCK! Of course. It was a fun weekend.