Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pretty sure the Lord has a sense of humor...

I've said it before, and I think I'll say it again. Anyone know what this is? Do you have one? I do, I worked 6 hard years to get one and its now sewn into my overnight backpack along with my hunters saftey patch. This is the young womens camp patch. After I returned home from my trip from Utah, that very night, I was unpacking. I had brought back my tent because to be honest Im sick of living here and not camping. Although there's nothing but concrete for miles, I KNOW that if I go far enough away or pay enough money someone might let me put up my little tent and let me make a little fire and maybe even fish in a lake somewhere. So excited that I was finally going to go, I came right home from the airport and got on the internet to look at camp sites that were reasonable in this area. Christopher had mentioned that a member of the bishopric was going to call and when he did, I didnt answer the phone, I really didnt want to talk to anyone, I was looking up campsites for heavens sakes! This was important! But the Bro Bramwell called Christophers phone and of course he answered. So I had to talk to him and what do you think he wanted me to do? Oh yes, I am the new Harbor Hills Ward Camp Leader. Its like the Lord said... Fine, you wanna camp? Fine. You can be ward camp leader! Just as I happened to be sitting there complaining that I didnt do enough of it and was looking to book a site! Now the problem comes in that this is ORANGE COUNTY. No one camps in orange county, aun menos the young women. Apparently we are going to a resort in Lake Arrowhead. There's a pool, a rock wall, and a ropes course. Showers, indoor bathrooms, they cook the food for us in a real kitchen... This isnt camping, and dont even mention signing off the things they're supposed to learn! Build a fire? Sharpen a pocket knife? Only I own a pocket knife. I own 3. So my goal is now to find a way that I can help these girls understand that these are "life skills" not camping skills... And that it can be fun. Im thinking lets go have a bon fire on the beach (build a fire) and have dutch oven peach cobbler (learn to cook food over a fire) and maybe even they can learn to sharpen knives... kitchen knives. Its all the same. So wish me luck! (p.s. Yes, Christopher and I are going camping for reals, atleast as real as it can get here, the end of May.... YEAH!)

I Love Nacie!

This weekend was looking to be a long and boring one, but then I got a phone call... Our neighbors State and Nacie (no, not a typo, thats what we call them) from Provo who now live in Vegas were coming to town. Atleast Stacie was! They've known Christopher for 7 or 8 years now and we've been friends for 5, since we got married! I knew she was coming but had forgotten the day and I was SO glad to see her. We met up at Huntington Beach and played in the sand. Perfect beach day, like 100 degrees, and we tried to fly our stunt kite and just hung out. Christopher tried the water, but the waves weren't great. It was our first beach day of the season, we love going. We went to dinner with Stacie and her family to La Creperie in Belmont Shores, a great little part of Long Beach. Dinner, the day, the company, everything was so fun! Thanks for coming Stacie! We need to get out to Vegas to see Nate now... poor thing had to study :( No doubt about it, I need Nacie to live next door for the rest of my life!

Somos Tios OTRA VEZ!

Parker Alden Sagers, our new nephew, my little sisters second son. This was the email she sent to announce him..."He was born April 8th at 11:15 a.m. he weighed 8 lbs 4 ozs and is 21 inches long. He is home from the hospital and doing very well. He has a little jaundice so he will be in the lights for a few days. Layton is excited to have his new brother here, lots of hugs and kisses. Lance and I are so happy and so blessed to have our little family." I tried to get her to have him while I was there last weekend but it just wasnt gonna happen. Dang it, but they are all coming to see me in June which Im STOKED about and I"ll meet the little bugger then :) Congrats Sal and Lance. We love you!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Long Weekend

This weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to go home for the long weekend. It was my spring break and I didnt have to work on Friday. Turns out however that it truly was a LONG weekend. Just getting there turned into an event all by itself. I got to the airport on time. Boarded on time and then sat... and then sat... and then sat some more... Then we finally pushed off and then we sat... and sat... and sat on the tarmac for like another hour. Then we moved! But only to start doing figure 8's on the tarmac! @#(*&#$ What is happening?! Then they get on and tell us they cant start the engines! And we have to get off!!! Oh, did I mention this was the day Delta canceled all thier flights because they didnt do their inspections. So there are no other flights. People are missing connections. They brought in a mechanic and he finally fixed it and we took off, 4 hours late. But atleast we were off. Now, my dad had to drive to come and get me. We were going to go shopping for a minute, see my sister in law, and the get my nephews to the dentist at 7. I had taken off in time to BARELY make it to the dentist. But of course, that was not in the cards either. I know the direct path... follow I-15 to Fillmore, begin decent straight into SLC 20 minutes later. No. Of course. We finally make it to Fillmore, later then it should have but instead of begining the decent the pilot decides to take the scenic route. Another thing that went not like planned is that when we fly over Fillmore, we fly over this volcano a mile from my house. I always like to sit on the right side of the plane because I can literally see my house. I put a little dot where my house is. On a good day and when the pilot stays on course you can literally see it! I usually wish about this time that I could just parachute out. :)
And I so wanted to take a pic and show that, but it was cloudy. So this is the best I could do. My house is down there and I played on that volcano all the time as a kid. Now, the scenic route... the red line is the way we're supposed to go... no, we went the black line instead. We got to Fillmore and then he turns right over the mountains to Salina, the Gunnison and its pretty and all, oh, but lets go back and look at Nephi... so we turn and fly back to Nephi. Oh, lets go to Provo, ok, oh, but no, we need to go around the OTHER side of the lake, so sharp turn to the left again... oh, the lake is pretty lets just follow the shoreline back to American Fork! We are now headed towards Colorado! Oh... guess we better turn the other way, did he over correct? We're headed towards Nevada! OMG! Once we hit point of the mountain we were still cruising pretty high and I guess he finally recognized we were in SLC and we nose dived into the airport! People who weren't familiar with Utah may not have noticed, but it was ridiculous! I knew every town and every turn he took! It took us an additional 30 minutes and we have officially missed the dentist appointment. Did I mention that my laptop died on the plane? It did. So I decided to get out the Harry Potter book I needed to finish, but realized I already did and forgot, so no book to read. I read the smut magazine I bougth while I sat on the tarmac.... When I got in, my phone was dead. So I got a 10 second call (which I think was a miracle) to Dad to tell him Im in. Then it died again. Got the bags and the boys wanted to listen to the Ipod... it was dead to. And then OH, I had presents for everyone that I had LEFT AT MY HOUSE! I just dont think I could have had anything else go wrong that day! But I survived and it was so fun to see the kids at the airport. And in the end it was supposed to be that way. Right before I came down the stairs a missionary came down returning home with honor. My dad and nephews were able to have a spiritual learning moment. Dad felt that the whole day was meant to be for that very missionary moment. They were able to see the family so excited and how proud the dad was. So forget the dentist. Im glad I was able to facilitate that moment. The purpose of going home was to see the kids and my family and watch the baby blessing of my newest neice, Brooklyn Ann Robinson. Friday also happened to be Devins birthday so I got out his present, (which I brought home at Christmas otherwise it would have been forgotten) this awesome pair of Spidy PJs and he immediatly put them on and started shooting webs out of his hands. It was pretty funny! And of course the coming back to Cali couldnt have been any easier, we left church and we had to leave immediatly and miss the party after of course. So we got home, grabbed the quickest bite to eat, and left and wouldnt you know... SNOW! So I got to the airport with no time to spare and took right off! This time Ipod fully charged :) When I got home, I think Christopher missed me because I had a super clean house, these beautiful flowers, and a steak dinner (freaking YUM!) waiting for me. What a man. I missed him on my wild trip, its always funner with him there, but Que va a hacer, che! Phew! I need a weekend to recoup from my weekend! Thanks Mom and Dad and everyone for the wild but worth it trip :)