Monday, March 31, 2008

And it begins... for the last time!

So I started my classes again this quarter, but for the last time. Im done with my capstone, and as soon as I finish these last two classes, Corrections and White Collar Crimes, I'll be done!!! YEAH. Now I came across this chart today and this is why I get such a kick out of criminology. Its just so funny! I guess this isnt funny, but I think it kind of is. If you look at it... there's only a 1.4% chance you will go to jail if you steal a car. How ridiculous is that! Who wouldnt steal a car!!! Hmmm what to do what to do?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter

Im so grateful for this Easter season. Im thankful for the Savior and his willingness to sacrafice for me. I also love that it happens in spring--its a visual reminder that life will be renewed. My thoughts this Easter were on that Easter movie the Church put out, the Lamb of God, I think its called. Anyways, when Peter cut off the ear of that soldier, and Christ put it back on....I think that night was much more chaotic then the movie portrays. I think there was yelling and a scuffle and much more agression. I dont think Peter would just think to cut off a guys ear without there being some sort of build up to that point. But among the chaos of that moment, Christ stopped to put it back on. I dont know how the people who witnessed it were able to continue thier task or even if they stopped to notice at all. But Malchus did, I wonder if he stopped. I guess they had to continue. It was the plan. And I think it was Christ's way of forgiving Malchus. Besides the forgive them, they know not what they do, the guy was just doing his job, no need to cut off his ear. Christ stopped and put it back on. But I dont think I would be able to continue.
We spent Easter in church of course then we went to Ry and Becks for dinner. We had a great group of people there and it was truly a dining experience with the candles and china and everything. Thanks Beck, for the great dinner. Out of the french doors right by the table, two ducks just decided to come and hang out. It was so random... we even joked that Becky had hired them to come in to complete the whole Easter experience. :)
After dinner and everyone went home, Becky needed a little doctoring. A few weeks ago she stepped on a needle that was in the floor and 1/2 in broke off in the side of her big toe!!! She had it surgically removed because it was crazy deep and Christopher was able to take out her stitches :) I know its more doctor stuff, even on Easter, but welcome to my life ! :) I am happy to report that the stitches came out fine and our glamorous patient Beck is recovering very well.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Good Doc

I came home a few weeks ago while Christopher was studying for his Internal/Family med exam. This was the condition I found him in... empty diet coke cans, messy desk, hands in head, and a warning on his back :) I thought it was pretty funny. Poor thing. Notice he wrote it on a Viagra notepad too ! HAHA. But the test went just fine as they always do and he's now moved on to surgury. I find sutures laying around the house now and he has tried saving many an items life.

He's sewn up lemons, limes, bananas, aloe vera plant, (my poor plant!) attempted on an apple, his own clothes, the tip of his finger, threatened to sew me up, and we even bought some really nasty pigs feet for him to try to practice on. Apparently it doesnt work as well if they're pickled. Wasted 4 bucks on those because Im not eating them :) Out of everything he's tried to save, the only success was the banana :)
So while he was so diligent in working I decided to be the typical doctors wife give myself a pedicure. I love empsom salts but this time they got crazy and I had bubbles spilling out all over the living room floor! HAHA. Now after typing all of this I feel like maybe we are people who are maybe just a little bit ridiculous :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fish anyone?

Last weekend my good honey took me to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Its one of the things on our list of "must do's" while we live in California. And Christopher surprisingly enough hadnt been there either. We learned all about waves and watched the seals and otters.

We touched the urchans and eels and even some small sharks. They had really cool exhibits of shark eggs hatching and you could watch them pulsate. This little blue frog was the size of a quarter and poisonous. They had several of them all different bright colors and patterns. One looked like a skunk. But all of them tiny. Very cool.

They had a huge Jellies collection that was very cool too. This spider crab was creepy and HUGE. EEUUUWWWW!!!!

This guy is a sea dragon. He looks like a weed to me. And his buddy the leapord eel. He looks like my shoes :)

And of course we couldnt go without saying hello to Jaws. "Hello..."

It was such a fun day... Thanks Honey. :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Slurp or Swish... Which are you?

We've decided that we really like the raspberry sugar free jello made with Fresca. You can kind of taste the kick of the carbonation. So late last night I made us each a bowl and we were actually sitting in bed eating it while we watched Jay and I look over and Christopher is swishing his Jello in his mouth like mouth wash! I started laughing so hard and then had to confess that I was a slurper. I LOVE slurping it out of the spoon and through a straw even better. (A cool trick I think every kid learns in elementary school). So I just thought I'd put it out there... Are you a slurper or swisher? AND I thought I'd try the new polling option... so go ahead and vote. :)

The results:

Slurp 55%
Swish 33%
Other 11% (my father in law who said he doesn't eat jello :) )

Monday, March 3, 2008


I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our club of favorite nieces and nephews. Brooklyn Anne Robinson was born on February 21, 2008. That makes 7 total! 6 from my brother and 1 from my sister (who will shortly give me #8). She was 6 1/2 pounds and a little jaundiced, but she's doing great now. Its taken me a while to get them to send me pictures, hence the delay in the post. Thats the only part that really sucks about living in California is that we only get home every 6 months. Itll be forever before I get to see her in real life. But she's already my favorite. Now if you ask my other sobrinos, they'll all tell you that they are my favorite, because I whisper that to them all when I see them, so dont tell! Just look at that little yawn!

Mira a esta nena tan linda! Se llama Brook y nacio el 21 de Feb y es mi sobrin0 #7. #6 de mi hermano y mi hermanita tiene 1 y me va a dar #8 entre en mes! Pero al vivir en California, vemos a mi familia cada 6 meses no mas, asi que va a ser un tiempito hasta que la puedo ver en realidad. Pero ya es mi preferida. Pero no diga a los otros asi porque los susuro a todos que son mis preferidos. Asique NO LES DIGA que lo hago ! :) Que preciosa!

Paradise... if only for a minute.

Last weekend we went to paradise. We left on Friday and drove out to Palm Springs for the annual Parson/Trimble vacation. The weather was so nice. These are pictures of the hotel, the one with palm trees I took myself my first year there in 2002. The other is just a pic of the condos we stay in. We had a nice dinner in Friday and then slept in Saturday. We got up and went to the swap meet where my white skin saw sun for the first time in many many moons. I got burned pretty bad. :) And seriously, if one more person tells me Im burned Im gonna scream! I KNOW IM BURNED! IM AWARE OF THE BURNAGE SITUATION! At the swap meet Ashley and I bought the cutest knock off purses! I've been stopped a couple times from people saying how cute they were. One lady that even sells purses in Nordstroms stopped me and was like "OMG-- I LOVE YOUR DOONEY!!!" HAHA, even she couldnt tell it was a fake! We liked the pink ones :) It was fun. Do you know how much Dooney bags go for? $400! We only paid $30! HAHAHAHAHA

Then we had a fabulous dinner at Ruth's Chris where we decided that after smelling all the good smells and eating that fabulous meal, we could have died happy. With those smells still in our nose. I love thier sweet potatoes which I have the recipe for but they had the most amazing homemade cheese cake. I need to find a good recipe... so if anyone has a good one. It was so soft and delicious! I cant hardly stand it... I need more! We spent some time at the pool and in the hot tub. Church was nice and we watched all 800 hours of the red carpet and Oscars. :) We took Monday off too! Christopher actually took a day off!!!!! We went shopping and layed out some more and it was just lovely! We left late that night to sadly come back home. The next few days were really hard to get back into it! Oh well, Thanks Beck and Ry for the relaxing weekend! PS... That's not my nose :)
La fin de semana pasada fuimos al Paraiso! Sino por unos dias no mas. Llegamos viernes y quedamos hasta lunes y fue TAN hermoso! Fuimos de compras en la feria (mi ENCANTA ir a la feria!) , y salimos a comer el nuestro restaurante tan preferido, tomamos sol y me REqueme porque no he visto el sol en todo el invierno. Y si una persona mas me dice que estoy quemada... lo mato! Porque YA SE! ESTOY CONCIENTE DE MI ESTADO! Y en la feria comprabamos esas bolsas tan lindas... Son replicas de la marca Dooney y Bourke que salen $400 dollares! Pero los comprabamos por $30 no mas--menos de 10%. Y fui a otra tienda donde venden los reales y la chica estaba tan animada que tenia una y pense que fue real! JAJA--Como que pagaria $400 por una BOLSA! Fue tan triste salir el Lunes y volver a mi trabajo, per que va a hacer :( Hasta la proxima!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Im so proud!

Today after watching the closing scene in Napolean Dynamite my husband shared with me that he won second place in his 4th grade tetherball intramurals! :) I wonder if I will ever stop learning new things about this boy!