Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Last but in no way Least -- My Birthday!!!

This is terrible I KNOW! Its been almost a month and here Im finally posting my birthday stuff! The day was pretty quiet. I spent the morning making my own cake. I know that sounds stupid but I wanted to. I wanted to try making this checkerboard cake. It was fun. Then we just relaxed since we hardly didnt have a chance to before then. So that was pleasant as well. Then at 5 my brother came home from work and totally surprised me! He walked in with this Dora the Exploradora Pinata! He had gone to the little mexican market in town and bought it and a bunch of candy and he got me a couple movies and a movie night bucket. The pinata totally made my day though. The kids came over after school and Shelby proceeded to make me my crown and then we ate my favorite dinner... at my house we call it "My favorite casarole" as in Mine. It has been my favorite since I little. Well, I guess I call it that. Everyone else calls it "Suzie's favorite cassarole." But basically its an egg noodle corned beef cheesy potato chippy thing that is SO good but SO bad for you! Hey, its MY BIRFDAY!

After dinner I opened present and my parents gave a great long black sweater and a new cute clutch purse and my sister and Lance gave me a cute navy blue sweater too. And of course the kids could hardly not help :) Then off to the basement to play with the pinata. The funniest was Devin, he went to whack it so hard he totally missed it and nailed Christopher in the shin! HAHAHAHAAAAA It was so funny. It took them a while but they finally got it and when it busted open and the candy flew Devin started crying because he wasnt done hitting it. That was the fun part for him :) I've posted video of the pinata in the video bar on the right if you want to watch it. Im probably the only one though and thats ok. In all my birthday was just right. Its been years since I've been with my family for it so it was so nice to be there and they made it so special for me. Im grateful. How old am I? I was born in 79. You do the math :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Years Eve

After the rodeo we crashed at the hotel and got home the next afternoon around 6 or so. We thought we would settle in and enjoy the next couple days just staying home and not going anywhere. We were wrong. We knew that my parents and family had wanted to go snowmobiling during the days around New Years. We had understood that they would take them just up the mountains near my house on New Years Day. We had mistunderstood. They wanted to get up early the very next morning, New Years Eve Day, reload the machines, load the travel trailer and head 2 hours to the east up Fairveiw Canyon.

We were surprised but who are we to turn down a party. (P.S. Look at that toothy grin, Katie lost her first tooth while we were in Idaho. Its been loose for a while and she worked so hard to keep it unti l we came and then she went and pulled it out while we were gone :) ) So no resting for us (ps... Christopher had been sick this whole time with a really bad case of bronchitis... poor thing needed a day to just stop coughing and that wasnt going to be that day!) So we got up and loaded the equipment and took off. We traveled up the mountain and found the perfect spot to stop and set up camp. We all huddled in teh trailer while we got the machines and the heater going. Christopher and I just stayed there because really, we had had our turns on the machines. It was time for others to ride. So the kids each were able to buzz around and Christopher was such a good sport that right out side the door to the trailer was this snowbank where they set out to build a fort and tunnel. They were at it all day. When the kids would get so cold they could hardly stand it they would come back in, but for most of the day they were outside. We made it down the mountain and home in time to eat dinner and just rest and hang out and play games and watch movies until midnight. Im happy to report that Christopher actually did make it till New Years Eve even though I had my doubts. :) The kids stayed up too and we all watched the ball drop together. After the the house shut down pretty quickly. We were all exhausted! But HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Are we done yet?

No. I'm not done, not even to new years yet :) So after the fun snowmobiling we headed back to Utah to Ogden. We met my parents and sister and brother in law there for the annual PRCA Dodge Wilderness Circuit Finals Rodeo!!! Lance (er, ah-hem) Stormy Sagers rides saddle bronc every year and this usually falls right on New Years Eve. This year is was a few days early and we were so fortunate to be able to drop in and see him ride his last night there. Now Stormy rides very well and often wins the rodeos he rides in. I had high expectations for tonight and he indeed break a personal record. You've got to watch the video to see it!

Now Im sorry to report that his record was for the fasted buck off ever. The next video is of his brother Devin (sorry, no cool professional riding name like Stormy). He rode the full 8 seconds. I've posted it so you can see how it's supposed to be done :)

At the end of every rodeo comes the bull riding... and with bull riding always comes bull clowns. This time the clown brought a little friend.

Click on it to make it bigger if you cant figure it out... if you still cant see it very well, well, this is Ms Hillary Rodham Clinton. Well, I think the bull in this next clip is republican, like everyone else in the arena, because he didnt like Hillary much :) The second pic is the clown making sure Hillary is really dead... So check out a little bull action (make sure to look for the snot coming out of its mouth) and then stay tuned for Hillary's death and a little clown activity.


After the rodeo we were just exhausted so we went back to the hotel and Christopher died on the bed. He looked up at me with tired eyes and said "Honey, I just dont think I can make it till New Years... Im going to bed" I just started laughing.

Me: "Honey, why cant you make it till new years?"

Christopher: "Im just so tired, I wont stay awake until midnight"

Me: "Honey? Do you know what day it is?"

Christopher: "Isnt it new years?"

Me: "Honey, I think you will make it... Today's the 29th! Dont you even know what day it is?"

HAHAHA... We had been having such a nice vacation he didnt even know what day it was. It was the 29th of December. I would have had to really die to not make it till New Years. However in his defense, it is usually New Years Eve that we go to that Rodeo. So that was our joke for the next few days until New Years. Which will be the next post.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Snowmobiling at Henry's Lake

The day after Christmas we decided to get on the road again and head up to Henry's Lake Idaho to visit Christophers family and go snowmobiling! It was so fun!

We spent 4 days, two of them riding around on the trails. The first day we just putted around the town and the roads, This is Ashley who died in the snow when we got back :)

And this is us dying :) Later that day we just hadn't had enough so we went sledding as well !

That night we had the Parson family Christmas party. There were 35 people in Grandmas cabin! A few were staying at the hotel, but there were 2 other cabins full of people that all came over.

These are just a few pics of us at the party... The next day we got up early, went and rented 2 more machines and 6 of us took off. We went to big springs and two tops. It started getting cold and cloudy and by the time we reached two tops we were so cold it was all we could do to just stand there and take this picture... and since you cant tell who is who...

Im in blue and black on the left, then Kennedy Allen, and then Ashley in Pink and on the end is Carly Kropf. Carly's husband Mike was there and Christopher of course. The picture doesnt so it justice. There was so much snow on those trees they were almost completely covered from top to bottom. The second picture was taken on a different day but it was worse the day we went. We enjoyed the trail rides. We got stuck a few times too! Poor Christopher and Mike, we would have died without them. Ashley took off over a field of powder which is really fun, but you cant stop. And well, she stopped when she ran into a tree (well, not quit but SOOO close!) :) HAHA. But in doing so the machine sunk in the powder. So I stopped (Idiot me) to make sure they were ok, and my machine then sunk too. I got off to see if I could get it out and I sank into waiste deep powder! Ash took a pic and I'll post it when she sends it to me. But Christopher and Mike had to get us out. Both of us were stuck good. On the way back down from the mountain we dropped everyone but Christopher and I off at the rental place and we had to drive the 10 miles or so back to the cabin, but in my opinion that was the best part. We took off over the open fields... miles of untouched powder... And of course you have to floor it so we were going probably 45 miles an hour flying over this powder and up and down hills... it was exhilerating. Then once back to the road we would ride along the side in the powder as well going up and down the embankments making smilies on the side hills, and then where there were roads that were snowcovered I would floor it and jump the road. Sometimes that can hurt if theres a hard landing, but when its powder you jump which is awesome and then landing is like landing in fluff. Soft and smooth then you peel out and head up the side hill! OH the Exilieration! :) It was sad to have to pack up, but after the 2nd day we went and loaded them and then crashed I think we were all so exhausted. Some people asked us if the drive was worth it for just 2 days... oh yes. It was well worth it! :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Next came Christmas

So Christmas was fun. The day before the kids were crazy and we had to keep telling them that Santa was just going to pass by them. We let them open all of the presents they already had under the tree that night to clear the space for Santa. Then they just wouldnt go to bed. So Christopher told me to sneak into the other room and stage a phone call from the head elf at the north pole. So I just called the house line and Christopher answered it and hamed it all up like Santa had already passed by once and was upset and didnt know if he would have time to drop by again... the kids eye got real wide and they scampered off to bed very quickly. It took them about an hour to fall asleep. Santa came shortly thereafter (I saw him and if you want that story I'll have to tell you in person just in case) but it was fun. The kids then came in at 3:00 in the morning! 2:00 california time! They were so excited but I could barely even think so I kind of snapped and told them to go back to bed! For heavens sakes! I shouldnt have. I should have atleast gone downstairs and checked it out with them. That was always my favorite part as a little kid was the initial check out the loot before you wake the parents. They came back at 6:00 which was more reasonable. We had to make them all wait in the stair case (even though they'd see it all) until their parents came over from next door. They wanted to see the initial surprise. So this is a pic of us hanging on the stairs at 6 in the morning. They all got thier remote control cars and planes they wanted and we created an entire truck load of garbage. :)
But it was fun of course. Christopher was a good boy this year and spoiled me rotton. He got me some cute clothes and a very cool watch.
And I surprised him with one of those cool digital picture frames and the cologne that smells like the mall :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Only a few billion things

So I only have a few billion things that happened during the holidays that I thought... I need to blog about that, but then didnt while we were gone, so now you're gonna get the short version. We left the Thursday before Christmas and traveled to Cedar City where we got stuck in teh now (due to me buying a california car with NO 4X4! I know better! Shame shame....)
So yes, we did get stuck in the snow. But the next morning we arrived and had fun in the snow. I've attached a couple picks. The next day we took my neices and nephews to the city park where we went sledding
and Christopher built his first snow man ever. I know! I dont know how in 26 years and living in Utah he could have possibly never built a snow man before, but just in case we had to remidy the situation . So here's "Snow Bob Frosty Pants." After an argument with a 3 year old that you cant name a snow man anything other then Frosty, we all agreed on Snow Bob Frosty Pants. This is all for this blog... in future posts you can look forward to Christmas, snow mobiling, rodeos, New Years, and Birthdays... Yes, it was a busy and fabulous 3 weeks!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Smell Good?

So this is the funny story of the day...

Christopher came down yesterday after showering and getting ready and he had sprayed the cologne I got for him for Christmas on. Very Sexy from Vics... I love it... but anyways... my 10 year old neice said, wow Christopher, you smell good. Others agreed that he smelled good and them my precious 7 year old neice needing to put in her two cents in agreement said "Yeah, Christopher, you smell like the mall." :) HAHA.