Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Surprise delivery from the stork

Well, what a surprise; our family doubled in size yesterday! Suzette gave birth to two healthy babies and all of us are doing well! Suzette had big plans of going to the mall yesterday after her OB appointment, but it turns out that she had preeclampsia. They decided to deliver them right away yesterday via a c-section. Our little baby girl was born first at 4:25 weighing 5lb 1oz and her brother came shortly thereafter at 4:27, weighing 5.b 3oz.

Because they were 34weeks old, the doctors were a little concerned about them breathing, so they decided to take them to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Suzette got to see them real quick, but we didn't have a chance to decide for sure on the names. We are waiting until she can go visit them in the NICU this afternoon to decide on names for sure.

Our little girl had to have an oxygen mask for a little while, but is now breathing just fine on her own. Both she and her brother are starting to feed and are doing really well.

Right now, Suzette is feeling a little loopy from the drugs, but she is doing great. Dad can't decide whether to be a med student, a dad, freaked out, or just plain excited!

More updates and pictures to come soon.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas lights

YEAH! After a few weeks of asking and having my good husband be so busy with finals, we finally got our outside lights up! Its kind of hard to put them on the house because the roof line is so weird, I would just stand there and look at it and try to figure out the best way... So we decided to light our banana tree and I found those cute little trees on clearance at Target... I just want one of those lighted deer now to go with it. But for our first time doing Christmas lights outside in 4 years, not bad :) The first year we were married we put lights all around our windows in our apartment. But havent done anything since. Lets just say Im really excited about it! YEAH!!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We were finally able to take 10 minutes and go see this flick. So my thoughts? When they picked him for Edward I wasnt satisfied. She was ok, I guess, but I was really disappointed in him. And well... after seeing it, Im still not satisfied. Im sorry to those of you who loved it or loved him as Edward... But you should take a look inside my imagination! WAY BETTER. The books were amazing but the movie left me wanting. Sorry to be the bummer... Christopher was a good husband and sat through it and said it was tolerable. He's such a sport.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I give up

So between my sister and my husband getting after me for not wanting to go all the way to Feb 5th .... I give up. I have to say, its not because I dont want them to be healthy, I think its just that after 4 1/2 years of trying and 8 months of pregnancy, Im ready to have these two here already. Its not that I dont want them to be healthy, and I dont want them to have to be in the NICU... I will confess there is the smallest part of me that wants to stay stretch mark free and have some releif for my poor bellie button.... But as my sister and father says "Take it like a man." I just want them here. But for thier sakes and the health of these two babies, you will not hear me say another word about not going all the way to Feb 5th. My lips are zipped and the 5th is the day.

Belly Pic

So some have requested another belly pic. It really isnt that fabulous. Im telling you... Last week I went back to the doc and these two both weigh 4 1/2 lbs... They both gained a whole pound in the last week! This needs to ease up already! Im ready to be done and looking forward to just after the new year. We WILL NOT MAKE IT TO FEB. Not if I have anything to do with it anyway. But as for the belly... the belly button has always been an innie, and it still is, its right between the two and sometimes it feels like they are tugging on it. But lately, by the end of the day, there's so much pressure that its not as innie any more and its really tender. Almost like its tearing. But by morning its back to being a total innie. (And yes, note the lack of stretch marks... not one. Anywhere... Luck? Maybe. I dont know, but Im grateful.) So there you go...

Jump in posts

So I was working on the draft of the house pics when I published the I cant win post... to see pics of the house, scroll down... I cant figure out how to put it on top...

Friday, December 12, 2008

I cant win.

So I was really excited to move to Santa Ana because I thought I"d be able to practice and brush up on my Spanish. Well the other day I came home from running errands so frustrated because people wont talk to me in Spanish. Instead of talking they just point or signal or waive thier hand... I guess it makes sense, why would the white blue eyed girl speak spanish... And then when I do speak to them in Spanish it takes them so much by surprise they dont respond... Anyways... I've been very frustrated. So then I decided to just put it out there myself FIRST that I speak spanish instead of waiting for them to speak to me... only makes sense. So the other day a woman came to my door and she looked hispanic so when I opened the door I said "Si?" And she gave me the funniest look and then said in the most american english "Do you speak English?" WHAT?! I put it out there and SHE doesnt speak spanish. I CANT WIN!

Monday, December 8, 2008

More House Pics

So I've been stalling.... Here's the promised pics of the inside of the house. I should probably mention that its in Santa Ana... I guess I didnt say that before, and if anyone needs our new address is 1331 S Birch St, Santa Ana, CA 92707.

Here's the front and back of the outside...

When you walk in the front door you find our dining room and living room. Its an enormous room (the same size as our entire first apartment) and I still need to buy a rug...

From there you can walk down this hallway...I call this the circus tent hallway because thats what I felt like the first time I saw it, but Im just not up to painting it right now :)

Directly to the left you find the master bedroom...

And then the master bathroom...

This leads into a little storage hallway where my beauty washer and dryer and one of the back doors are... Which then leads into the kitchen... The kitchen did require some painting... the doors to all of the cupboards were painted red to match the floor... it just didnt look right, and then I had to take the doors off of the ones by the sink because the old lady who lived here and cut these random round holes in them that reminded me of submarine portals... they had to go.

The kitchen then leads back into the living room or into this breakfast nook which will be getting a fresh coat of paint. The same crazy bought a cheap plastic clock from target and decided she liked it so much she painted the room around it... weird. I threw the clock away. Sh... dont tell. Because the real estate agent asked where it went... WAY too emotionally involved... it wasnt even her clock! But just know that there will be two high chairs in this room!

Back to the hall... on the left from the master you'll find the nursery which isnt set up. We just bought the dresser and the cribs should be coming this week, so hopefully I'll get some pics of that up for you, but for now...

Then down the hall you will come to the lime green bathroom that hopefully I've toned down with lots of taupe and the den...

The den was already a lovely sage color but it had these crazy blue doors and window frames that are now white. This is CT's domain... it has another door to the back yard where I'm hoping to put some chairs, the BBQ, and one of those cool little fire rings so I can burn stuff when I want to :) There's a garage and storage room that really arent worth showing and well... thats about it! Any of you are more then welcome to come on by any time :)

Welcome to Wilshire Square

My friend Stacie in Vegas has a great little community. They are always having community events. I always thought it was so cute, but now WE GET ONE TOO!!! So our little neighborhood is called Wilshire Square, and our first community event was the Wilshire Square Christmas Parade. It was this last Sunday and so cute! We had the Sheriff Posse on thier mounts, and the "no smoking train" and Sazoo, the mascot for the Santa Ana Zoo, and 2 different high school marching bands, and last but not least was Santa Claus riding on top of the fire engine. They circled maybe a 6 block radius and ended at this persons house where they were having a bake sale and all the little kids could sit on Santas lap. It was so cute... I love hispanic kids. Their dark messy hair and those big black eyes... It was so funny to watch! They gave us candy canes and my sweet neighbor Susana who I worked with treated us to a cup of hot cocoa :) We were finally able to meet several of our neighbors. so YEAH... I get community events now too! And I have to say, it was 45 minutes well spent :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today all of the lovely women down in Laguna Hills where my inlaws live threw me a baby shower. I havent had one since I went home in September. It was so fun to get together with all of them. Some who came are friends of CT and I but most of them are friends of thier parents who watched CT grow up. They were so generous! You can really tell the respect and love they have for Becky and Ryan. We started with a great brunch and then opened gifts! I sat next to Wanda, an elderly member of thier ward who I hope to be like when I get on in years... She was so hysterical! Anywho... thank you, all of you for the gifts and support. I'll be sure to bring these two down so you can cuddle them :)

My last day...

Well, Friday was my last day at work before these two come. Steinhaus Hall and then BioSci III and the Bio Sci Student Affairs has been my home for the last 3 1/2 years while we've lived here. Its been a fantastic job and these lovely ladies that I work with have been my friends and companions. What would I do without them!? I thought this Friday would be a quiet slow day, but I was WRONG. I worked the desk and it was the last day of the quarter so we got all of the panicky kids who arent passing and thought that there was something we could do to save them. SInce I was the front line, it fell on me to dash all thier dreams and desires and "Dont you understand I want to go to medical school?" And "yes, I understand, and if you are really destined for it you wouldnt be failing all your SCIENCE COURSES"... It was wild, but what a way to go out. :) I havent decided if I'm going back after they are born. If I go it will be part time but we'll see how it works out. They would need to double my salary for me to afford day care for two infants... So no decisions yet, Im keeping my options open, and they are saving my position for me. We'll see. But for now Im so glad to be done. I can finally sleep and get some things done and just take it easy for a month or so before these two get here :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I was lame and didnt take a single picture this year! What blogger doesnt do that?! Its almost shameful. But we did have a nice day. Although it was our year to spend with my parents, between the move and my belly, we couldnt make it out. I was very sad to miss it, but we spent it at my inlaws in Laguna Hills. Ashley came home and G&G Parson from Ogden came out. We also had Bill Greene, the neighbor, there. Everything about the whole day was just delicious. After dinner we all took naps for a while then we watched the infamous National Lampoons Christmas Vacation to kick off the christmas season. "Oh... is that a Dicky?..." It was very funny. As always. Friday we spent at home finishing unpacking. So now that its done I"ll take a few more pics and post them. Then Saturday the good doc left me and went to Chicago for the RSNA or the national biggy radiology conference. He was there until last night. While he was gone playing, I decided it was time I get a cold I guess. So I've spent the whole weekend dead basically. My poor tummy. Between the coughing, sneezing, and blowing nose, who knew you used the stomach muscles so much! My sore tummy is the worst part. With every cough I think I'm going to send myself into labor. These poor babies, being all squished in there! But I think Im on the mend. Finally. So its been a long LONG weekend. And I need another one to recover from it :)