Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Let the games begin

So this last weekend was freshmen move in weekend ( just think of the traffic and all the little families running around all so so proud of thier babies all growd up) and classes start tomorrow! On Monday we had orientation and decided to hold it in the baseball field and hand out cracker jacks. We all got to sit on the field and we had a student sing the anthem and then the dean and associate dean all spoke... it was kind of fun. Then we came back and we've decided in the office this last year to keep the christmas tree up and just decorate it according to the season, so since its still summerish outside we did a summer tree, but I think they (not I) got carried away because look at the front of the office now! We call it Bio Isle.

Maybe one of these days if I dont have anything else to post, I'll show you pics of other trees, but we've done it all. Cinco de Mayo, Valentines, St Patricks, 4th of July, Commencement (although not a national holiday, its a great day in our book.) .... You get the picture. Anyways... Needless to say its been a little bit of a busy week. But the best part of it all is all my favorite shows are coming back!!!! YEAH!!!!

And last but definitely not lease....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I've been Tagged

5 things I was doing 10 years ago (Sept 1997):

1. Moving to Ogdent to go to school
2. Meeting my Twin CasiKa Neilson (we were attached at the hip until I went on a mission in 2000, we're still very close.
3. Breaking up with Quint Robison my Highschool Sweetheart
4. Getting in lots of trouble
5. Anything else that comes with being a freshman in college!

5 things on my to do list today:
1. NOT take a nap
2. Go to Stake Conference
3. Go visit the inlaws
4. Make peach cobbler for dessert
5. Watch the Emmys!!! (Duh!)

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Homemade popcorn
2. Dried fruit (peaches and apples)
3. Anything with Cinnimon (most currently the Crunch Cinnimon Bagels at Panera with thier hazelnut cream cheese... YUM!)
4. Capn Crunch Cereal dry
5. Bananas

5 songs I know the lyrics to:
1. Mayonesa (Chocolate, 2000)
2. Anything from Metallica or Ozzy Osborne
3. Anything from Brian Adams or Aerosmith
4. Anything from Mana
5. Ok, how lame am I, just about anything from 80-early 90's rock.

5 things i would do if i were a millionaire:
1. It depends on how many millions... So lets say 1 million. #1 thing would be to invest it so I can have more millions
2. Buy Christopher a new car
3. Move in to an apartment with a washer and dryer
4. Pay for Christophers tuition
5. Pay a very generous fast offering.

5 bad habits
1. Picking christophers zits. ( I dont get them and they drive me NUTS when he does! THEY"RE SO GROSS!)
2. Wanting to drive to work when we live less then a mile away and I should ride my bike (I usually ride, because I have to pay $7 to park, but sometimes I give in.)
3. Leaving the dishes dirty over night
4. Shopping then fibbing about how much stuff costs or not telling him at all (which doesnt work very well because he notices new things when I wear them... dang. WHy does he have to pay attention! Oh well, I guess he still checks me out ;)
5. Swearing sometimes

5 things I'd never wear again:
1. Tappered pants (I CONCUR!!!)
2. One of those little round clips that looks like a belt buckle and you use it on your shirt.
3. Anything tie died.
4. Anything splattered with puffy paint.
5. Anything ANYTHING with shoulder pads!

5 things I enjoy doing:
1. Water skiing
2. Fishing
3. Playing the piano
4. Reading
5. Shopping

5 favorite toys:
1. Wave runners
2. Ipod
3. My new dust buster
4. Boat
5. Snowmobiles

4 people Im tagging:
1. Stacie
2. Rena
3. Dani
4. Pammy

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dont look the gift horse in the mouth.

So in my office we have a wide variety of ethnicities both in our students and staff. And as most people know, sayings in one country dont make any sense in another ... Even for people who have lived here a very long time, I think we are all still learning... Anyways... We were all sitting at lunch one day and someone used the phrase "dont look the gift horse in the mouth". Anyone heard that expression? Well you can tell the age of a horse by its teeth, so if someone is giving it to you, dont look at the age because then you might not be as grateful. So be grateful. Anyways most people in my office hadnt hear that expression so I was trying to explain it and thought I'd done a pretty good job. Well the next day one of the Vietnamese counselors who is pretty savvy and should have known better was still asking about it. She was confused... Turns out she didnt hear the phrase correctly. She had heard "Dont look the gift WHORE in the mouth" !!! HAHAHA. She had been trying to understand all night why she shouldnt look a gift whore in the mouth, why you would look there anyways, and why someone would give you one! HAHAHAA. And she didnt understand what it had to do with horses! So now the joke in our office is any saying having to do with horses... or whores, whatever. "I need to talk to a man about a whore" or "Thats a whore of a different color" or "Straight from the whore's mouth." HAHAHA.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I Rebuke You!

Funny Story of the Day--

So yesterday Christopher came home and I asked him how his day went... He said "Have you ever heard anyone actually use the words 'I rebuke you in the name of the Lord?'" I just started laughing like no... who the heck really says that but crazy people in teh movies...

Well, I didnt put it together that he's working with Crazy people now and he had sat through a family therapy session where the whole time they were rebuking each other!


A vote!

Ok, TADA!!! Remember what our bedroom looked like before...
Well after all of our laboring on Labor Day it now looks like this....

Now the problem I have is whether to leave that frame above it... So I want you to vote. Picture above or no... picture? no picture? picture? ... :)

Tell me what you think I'll let you know what we decide. At first I thought it was too much because the head board is so big, but maybe it looks all right. The other thing is I wish there was a window on the other side of the bed so I can hang a curtain there too and even it out, but I would be curtaining the wall and closet. Oh well, guess the curtains stay where they are. So what do you think on both our craftmanship and on the pic... This is what I get for watching too much TLC and HGTV!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The longest post EVER!

Did you know you can get the flu during the hottest week of the summer... well, you can, and it sucks. So Im sorry about not posting anything for a few weeks! Thats just terrible I know, but I've been brain dead, but lots has happened. So lets start at the beginning... a few weeks ago we had Lindsey's bridal shower before she went back to school this fall. It was lots and fun and good food and presents.
The funniest part however was when she was opening presents. This lovely red box is from Fredricks of Holleywood and it came from her MiaMaid advisor, which we all thought was halarious!

She hesistated to open it and kept putting it aside. Then when she finally opened it, she was so embarrassed it was funny... she held up this little black stringy lacey thing and with a red face cried "I dont even know how this works!" HAHAHA. I got it on video, but I promised her I wouldnt post it. (Atleast not yet anyways, I'll wait till she gives me permission but it was so funny!) All the older ladies from the quilting group were so disgusted by it... one told her that she should return it quickly and that that shop was just smutty (its not, actually, its a rather nice store...) and told her to go to body gap and buy herself a nice comfortable modest cotten nighty!!! HAHAHAAAA... I wouldnt tell ANYONE to buy thier wedding night lingerie at BODY GAP! Do they sell anything besides cotton underware and pants! HAHA... No no, Lindsey... keep the Teddy!

Then the next day we took Ashley, his other sister to the beach for one last time before they went back to school. The day before we bought a second body board and a pair of flippers for me.

It was very fun and nice to have another board to share, but my poor little feet!!! ITS ALL CHRISTOPHER"S FAULT TOO! I put my new flippers on and asked him if they were on right because I didnt know if I had them on upside down... he looked and said they were fine so for two hours I swam with them and it kind of hurt, but I thought, whatever, maybe Im just not used to them.... NOOOO!!!!!! They were on upside down! And he even looked! And said they were right!!!! So here's my poor little tootsies all scabbed over...

And yes, he should feel bad! They are still a little scaby even today a week and 1/2 later! But the waves were great, so great I really got beat up... I thought I broke both my neck and back and two different times... And got machine washed several times... And should we even talk about the sinus clean outs??? So I've posted a few videos... one is of me, I start on the left of Christopher taking the same wave, I disappear, and then all of a sudden I come back up riding right on top of christopher... He looked up over his shoulder like "What the..." I didnt do it on purpose and it was pretty funny...

then the other one is of me whiping out... that was the end for me. I almost didnt survive. You see me riding along and then all of a sudden I disappear in the wave... Its like it sucked me backwards and then swallowed...

Then I've posted a video of Christopher and Ashley as well. One is kind of long, but there are some pretty birds and they have a good ride... The rest are of Ashley having a hard time in the waves and flippers... They are short but funny. HAHA It was fun and we were beat!

And last but not least...I call Ashley Smashy sometimes... now you'll know why :)


Then I decided to get the flu all week so I've literally sat home SOOO bored out of my mind in this incredible heat but too brain dead to really function. Some days I just had to leave so I went to the mall and sat there in the AC and then I went to the dollar theater. I shouldnt have driven anywhre... but I just couldnt stand it any more! And that brings us to this weekend and Labor Day!... Since it was hot and we didnt want to fight traffic, we decided to house sit for the in laws how werent there and have AC. Tough choice... And since we were still so bored out of our minds... we decided to be crafty and build something with power tools... It was so nice to be able to saw on junk... if you know me at all you'll know Im obsessed with power tools. Want to make me happy? Lets go walk through Home Depot. I havent taken a pic of the finished product yet... Im not quite done. So I'll post it either tonight later or tomorrow... YEAH... POWER TOOLS! It was fun and kept us busy and working together. So that was our labor day... we spent it laboring.

Other then that, I've read the first Harry Potter and am about 1/3 way through the 2nd. We watched the full 6 hours of Cleopatra while I did laundry at the inlaws, and I also watched for the first time The Notebook! What a great love story! I didnt see it when it came out because my friend Stacie told me she cried through the whole thing and Im not a cryer and dont like to cry in movies because I'm too proud for that... but I watched it and it was so cute! And I didnt cry. I thought about it at the end, but after all is said and done, not one tear. Sorry Stace. :) But it might be a new classic I will add to the Ipod. Only speacial ones get sent to the Ipod like Pride and Prejudice and Earnest. Ok. I think Im done ! Is this long enough?