Sunday, July 29, 2007

Radiology Explains Life

Well, this is my first official post on our blog and my wife tells me that I am very excited to do this. Life in the third year of medical school is fun, but really busy. My very first rotation was... you guessed it-ob/gyn. It has been... well, all the women know how fun that doctor's visit can be. However, I was able to deliver my first baby on my first day on the labor and delivery ward. It was an awesome experience and I am now more convinced than ever that all women are superheros and a lot tougher than us guys. I am hoping that my wife remembers this post during her time of travail.
In the mean time, I have continued to do research in radiology. Besides being really interesting medically, it has explained a few of life's greatest mysteries. Now that I finally understand, it has become much easier to accept my place in life. Right, honey?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Angels

So last night was "Mormon Family Night" at Angel Stadium... We just had to represent! So we went with some friends from the ward, David and Ingrid.

It was my first pro baseball game ever and we went all out. I dont think there was a bad seat in the house. And we had to get all the treats, real ball park franks,

lemonade, nachos and cotton candy. And since it was mormon night, I included a pic with the section with all the missionaries from the Anaheim mission! It was pretty funny to see them all there.

ANd last but not least, it was blast off Friday, so there were fireworks at the end. The show was better then Disneyland's which we saw about 1/2 was through the game. The video clip is of the finale... it wsa so loud you could look over in the parking lot and see everyones car alarms go off! HAHA! Go Angels! PS... we won, 11-6. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Visiting Teaching

So my visiting teachers Rock! Rena and Dani (there's links if ya'll want to see them). They are so funny when they come over, we just chat for a good hour and then because its always getting late they give a quick lesson and then run home, but these lessons always seem to hit the spot. Especially this week. As most of you know we've been trying to have kids for a little while and we've run into a glitch with my insuline and stuff... I've been feeling very much "why me" as of late. And the lesson this month was on Holiness. Rena was talking about how she had been having the same attitude and that we need to follow Christs example of "Here am I Lord, Send Me" and not shy away from our trials. These two gals didnt know what I had been feeling, but its exactly when I needed. I shouldnt complain because I think there was a time when I agreed and volunteered and said "I'll do it. I can handle it." I've thought before that this is not something I would wish on anyone, and thinking that it would only make sense that I volunteered to take it on myself earlier. So I need to remember that its ok, and this is the path I've chosen and that there is purpose in all things. Its the little things like this that keep me going. I've been given the confirmation already that one day when its right it will happen. So thank you Rena and Dani. I appreciate your dedication and tell your hubbies Im sorry you're late every time, but I need you. :)


Sorry all that apartment stuff took up so much room! Feel free to scroll down for more interesting stuff. Yikes.

By Request--Christopher's Collections and other pics of our apartment

Christopher is his fathers son in that they love collecting very cool stuff. If you ever get to go to the Trimbles house, Ryan has this amazing den full of all sorts of exotic stuff and Christopher is following his footsteps. These are a few of the things I've allowed in the house... Not all of his treasures are listed here, but because these are prominant ones in the apartment and this is the apartment section I thought I'd add them. He especially loves masks...and owns probably a good 20 of them already. So come over and he will be more then happy to show you the rest. And we wont even talk about all the cool stuff still in his house and in storage!!! He already needs his own museum. He'll have to have an enormous den one day. So...

These two are our treasures from Mexico. One from our Honeymoon and one from our cruise last Christmas. One is hanging in the bathroom and the other in the hall.

This one is hanging in the bathroom with the leapord shower curtian. I love his face and his O mouth and his raised eyebrows and hanging where he is... its like he's saying "Ohhhhh.... Im watching you take off your clothes!!!"

This one is the Mayan calander hanging in the downstairs bathroom. ITs very cool made of wood and a ton of tiny little peices hand glued together. Ry bought it and Chris doesnt remember where its from, but its not American made.

And last from not least, I call this little guy the "Squatting Man" and he is in the bathroom as well. I just started laughing when I saw him because he looks like he needs a bathroom squatting like that! Also I think I hang all this cool stuff in the bathrooms so you'll have interesting stuff to look at when you visit them ;) Sorry, no magazines in my bathrooms :o !

Down Stairs

This picture is hanging in the landing on the stairs. This is the few from the landing...the "dining area", kitchen, and bookshelf.

These are the living room and view of the stairs. And thats about it. 1100 square feet which is twice as much as we had in Provo. But its feeling smaller the longer Im here. You can see the piano there... and I didnt bother with other pics or the kitchen or bathrooms because really... The masks are the only cool part anyways.

The Den

This is where Christopher lives and all the smart doctor learning happens. We have a deal, he gets that room (almost all of it) and I get the rest of the house. :) Except there is the futon in there where ya'll get to sleep when you come to visit (its very comfortable, I didnt cheap on the mattress) and I get the whole closet for storage. He gets to put anything else he wants in there, so there's one whole wall of bookshelves and one of the items is this nasty mask. He likes masks and you've seen the others, but this one I'll have to have him explain it. All I know is that the patch on the top is real hair and its from Africa and OLD. Nasty old hair!

Last but not least...

So sorry to everyone else, but I've been asked to post pics of our apartment for those who havent been here. So here they are...This is our lovely bedroom. The other wall is just closets.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Updates to the blog

So I've added the very cool scroll of pics to the side thanks to Miss Stacie who helped me out because I was about pulling my hair out trying to figure it out!!! :) And Im working on the video links, Im trouble shooting with YouTube to get it to work right. So hopefully there will be a few more videos. And thirdly, I need your opinion on if you want to see black and white or sepia pictures. I like the blacks and greys with the green, but brown and green look good too.... So please opine. :) Thanks!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Funny Story of the Day

Ok, so this happened last weekend but we were laughing about it again this morning, so its the funny story of the day today. We went to the dollar theather last weekend (Spiderman 3, worth the buck we paid to see it...) with some friends who are also in the med school . While we were standing in line to go into the theater thier pagers went off. They looked down and then disregarded the page. His wife and I were like... what what!!!??? They said, "Gosh, why do they page us for every little thing, theres a cute female in the ER. Why do we care...." Kristy and I were like... WHAT!? They page you when cute girls come in, like they expect everyone to come running to the ER to check her out... how stupid is that. We were ranting for probably a good 3 minutes when the boys realized our mistake. It was AN ACUTE FEMALE, Not A CUTE FEMALE! HAHAHAA... Ok, that maybe makes more sense.

Friday, July 20, 2007


This is Christopher and I at his white coat ceremony 2 years ago when we started this whole Med School adventure. Now, 2 years later...

So you know that Christopher took the 1st step of the boards the first part of June and it has been an anxious wait for those scores. I was back to checking the mail first thing every day and sending him texts if there was news or not. Thats what we did the whole time he was applying and with the MCAT. His score on this test is the most important out of all because they will look at it most when deciding to accept him to a residency. They said 6 weeks to get the scores and almost to the day after a very anxious week they finally came. Sooooo..... Lets just say we are very VERY pleased with the results. I wont say the score, because to most it wont mean anything, but I will tell you that he scored in the 90% percentile in the nation. I'm very very proud of my cute doctor hubby! He has closed no doors. Needless to say we are going to celebrate. Also, just as a side note, I wanted to announce that we found out he was officially accepted into the Paul Merage School of Business for the combined MD/MBA program. So at the end of this 3rd year next July Christopher will be taking a year off from the hospital and doing an MBA program. He'll then return for the 4th year then off to residency... wow, I just dont think this is every going to end. Ok, now Im really off to celebrate...

In Case Anyone Cares

This is a pic of our families... This is all of us, both sides minus a few kids and spouses 4 years ago at our wedding reception. 4 years Aug 1st. Ok ok, so maybe I need to do some scanning, because I have newer pics. Sorry. But if you make this one big and look at Shelby in the front in red, she is pulling the funniest face... like.. what the...

Pudding and Powell

The good thing about pudding at Lake Powell is you just throw them in the lake to clean up. :) This is my sister Sally's baby Layton. He's 8 months. I think he looks like his dad.

This is what we call happy parents... especially my mother... she lives all year for the 6AM ski. She always gets first pull.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Happiest Place on Earth

And this is what we all look like at 2 in the afternoon :) This is Alec, my stud of a cousin.

How can you not love these smiles!!!--See---HAPPY!

Even though I live 10 minutes away from Disneyland, that is NOT the happiest place on earth... This is... Lake Powell Baby. I guess Im taking requests... so here they are, pics from this years trip to the most beautiful place on earth. I could live here forever!


Well, let the blogging begin! I was pretty proud of myself for having a facebook, but this... this is new territory for me!