Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ry's Birthday


This is what we got Ry for his Birthday and Christmas. This man is hard to shop for but we all went in and I think we surprised him real good!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

In the genes?

So my sister just emailed me pictures of her christmas tree and one of my mothers... After looking at my tree posted here on the blog she shared this insight: Isn't it funny how 3 women from the same family, but different locations, buying decorations at different times can be so similar? Take a look!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Varm It

Ok, this is my new favorite!!! HAHAHA

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kickoff to the Holiday Season

Finally I have a minute to blog about Thanksgiving. It was pretty good actually. We just stayed home the two of us. Christopher didnt know how much time he had off and turns out we found out on like Tuesday that he really had 3 days, so we could have gone somewhere, but by that time I'd already bought my turkey! :) So yes, I did it all myself. Turkey, my RuthsChris knock off sweet potatos, rolls, stuffing, pie... I didnt bother with the mashed potatos or green beans... there were only the two of us afterall. But everything turned out Delish. I did the turkey in the crock pot which was really easy. Chris did his husbandly duty of carving it for me. And we ate on the China we we never do, we usually dont sit down at the table. So it took me two days to get it all ready and we sat down and it was all so good we just ate and then 20 minutes later we were done and just looked at each other like... thats it? I've learned that in order to do a truly great thanksgiving meal you have to have like 20 people to help you eat it to have a truly "dining" experience. So the food was great, but it only took us 20 minutes to eat :) We spent the rest of that day studying, we both had quit a bit to do. Then Black Friday well I just had to get out and do some shopping so that night after all the crazies had gone home for the day we went to the mall and found some great items for some very special people :) And then we decided to go see Enchanted! I LOVED it... ♫ ♪ ♪I've been dreaming of true loves kiss... ♫♪♪ I highly recommend it to anyone, Christopher even enjoyed it once I got him there :) The movie got out at like 12:30 and we were half way to his house already so I convinced him that we should just go and get the tree so we didnt have to drive back down the next day. We pull into his house at like 1 in the morning and he starts rustling around the garage and then I walked in and was so confused! BOTH of thier cars were there! They were supposed to be out of town... Then it dawned on me that Ryan had come home earlier that day! HE WAS UPSTAIRS asleep and here we were making a bunch of racket... I was just WAITING for him to come down with a baseball bat thinking he was getting robbed! So we grabbed the tree, closed the garage and then waiting for like 5 minutes to make sure no lights came on! PHEW! I wouldnt want to be the guy who tries to rob them! We felt kind of scandalous though! So now its officially Christmas at our house, the tree is up, the shopping is done, and now we just enjoy! :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Knotts Berry Farm Anyone?

Anyone been there? I hadnt until this last weekend when my cute hubby surprised me with a day on the farm. :) It was pretty fun. He wouldnt tell me where we were going except I'd never been there, it takes tickets, and the tickets are close to his heart every day. So with that I thought we were going somewhere near the hospital because thats where his heart is literally every day. But the tickets were his badge for the VA hostpital... they let anyone who works there and a gues get in free during this week. So that was awesome! Until we went on this ride... No one got wet but me... and I got REALLY WET! So much so christopher had to wring out my sweater with me still wearing it and people were like pointing and laughing... yeah, NOT FUNNY! COLD!!! :) But whatever, it was still fun, and free which was the best part.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Evolution of Dance

This video apparently is the most watched video on Youtube. This guy is a motivational speaker and was looking for a way to end his act. I think this is pretty good :)

air force dancing

Ok, these kids lived down the hall from Mark, my coworkers son who is also in the Airfoce Academy. Apparently this happened all the time, and when they graduated, the Secretary of Defense admitted that even he had seen the video :)


So Yes, I spent the weekend in Vegas visiting my friends State and Nacie. On Saturday we just hung out and Stacie and I went to the mall and to the Bee Movie. Dumb. Thats all I have to say about that. Then Sunday we went to church of course. Monday was fun, we went to the strip and to the Bellagio to see the new fall garden. It was lovely. These are some very cool pics from that. I loved the iron tree that rained on its own... We then went to the Coke factory and when we learned that the tour was shut down 8 years ago, we decided to do the world taste test thing instead. 16 sodas from all over the world. Some were good, some werent. This pic is the Argentine passion fruit soda. The whole weekend was fun, we blogged, watched Youtube, watched our favorite shows Sunday night, and we went and soaked in the hot tub. And yes, we just had to jump into the ice cold pool. I went first... And little 18 month old Bella got out with me and walked over to the pool with me. She, being not afraid of the water just jumped right in to the first step. I was expecting a squeel, but nothing. So I got in to the first step and she jumped down another one, she got in up to her little shoulders and still nothing, maybe she was just in shock because of the cold. So I couldnt be out done by a 2 year old so I dove in. Then Nate did, and Stacie couldnt be the only one left, so she had to go in too! :) The whole weekend was so nice and relaxing. I realized Vegas was closer then I realized. And I cant wait to see them agian in December when we drive home for Christmas!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

William Tell Overture

This is the first of a few favorites on Youtube...

Thursday, November 1, 2007


So Halloween was pretty casual this year. We didnt carve big pumpkins this year because we really havent had time. But this last sunday I decided to make my annual pumpkin dinner, you carve out the little seeds and then fill it full of rice and meat and cheese and anything yummy you want and cook it, then you can eat the squash out of there too. Its kind of a fun meal, but this year since we didnt do big ones, Christopher went a little crazy carving these out for our dinner. Then we made the joke of course that eating the meat out was eating the brains :) Then I had several ideas about what I could be for Halloween. I like to dress up for work, atleast once a year. ANd since Im too old to go trick or treating... anyways. I initially thought I woudl be Hermoine from Harry Potter and make my hair frizzy and wear a cape, but when I went to Joannes to get the fabric, I saw these cheap capes for cheaper then what it would take to make one which is half the fun, so that kind of took the air out of it. Then I saw this cute news reporter wearing a pink bob wig. So I went a hunting and finally found one at Target. My favorite store. So when I came, one co-worker thought I was brittney spears, and started lecturing me on leaving my boys and neglecting them... it took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about...Another co-worker thought I was the weird chick from The 5th Element (that strange movie from the 90's with Bruce Willis). But only 2 people watch enough TV to get that I was really Erin E-surance girl. (Auto insurance you buy online.) She's kind of a super hero. So not really exciting, but I think I pulled it off pretty good. My friend Hetty dressed up as a peasant, and another coworker dressed up as Fiona. :) Then after work I just went home and we ate icecream and watched TV together. Im really liking that new show "Private Practice" the Greys shoot off. All in all, it was a good, but relaxing day.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Dad.

So some of you have met my dad, some of you may even be related to my dad, but I just wanted to share a little insight in to the man he really is. Just this last week he turned in his offical letter of intent to resign in 4 years. The process has begun and after 20 years his company is very successful, its a strang feeling to think he wont be part of it any more. I think it will always be his, and we have other family working for them, but still, strange. One of the people in his company sent him this email after thier meeting...

I know you are not in the practice of hearing many thank yous. But I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for what you have done for so many others and especially for me and my family. The last 14 months or so have been a great blessing to me. Thank you for the opportunity you have provided for me at Sunrise .

If there was a parable of a Garden it would go something like this:
Some people plant gardens with plans to personally consume every Pea, piece of corn and zucchini (if possible) themselves.

A special few plant gardens with others in mind. They gain enjoyment from watching others benefit from the crops they grew with their own hands. It must be hard sometimes to watch some come to the garden and freely benefit and keep asking for more -with little understanding that somebody had to start the garden, plant and weed the garden, invest in the garden-and it all took time and effort---and it all wasn’t easy.

Some gardeners use up all the resources of their garden themselves and walk away with nothing left. Not even an empty corn husk.

But a few gardeners leave the garden, freshly planted, weeded and promising to bare even more abundantly on into the future.

Thank you for being one of those kinds of gardeners!
Three of the greatest lessons I learned from my dad are to "Be a Man" "Take care of business" and to "Finish Strong." Well, he's not done yet. :) I appreciate his wisdom and his love and Im very proud that he is one of "those kinds of gardeners."

Friday, October 26, 2007


HE BLOGGED!!! And no, honey, this is not a husband bashing network. :) And yes, I do love you. (the post beneath this one is from him in retaliation for the dead fern post... keep reading :) He's mocking me, thats why he used that picture... HAHA honey.)

A message from Suzette

Hi, my name is Suzette and I just wanted to let the world know how much I love my husband. I know that I have been posting lots of things that some people may consider to be "shmack," but I wanted to let all of my friends on this secret underground blogging/husband bashing network that he really is not that bad of a guy. He may not be the most talented gardener on the face of the planet and he may think that he can leave me home while he goes fishing sometimes. Even though he makes excuses for not helping out around the house and is sometimes not very sensitive to my need to buy new furniture, I know that he loves me. Even though he is spending all of the money that I make and has thrown us into debt for what he calls "medical education," I guess I don't have it ALL that bad. I guess I will just have to be patient with all of his shortcomings for a while as he tries to become the man he knows I deserve [even though he has a long way to go ;-)]

For you for you dead love fern.

So you all remember the movie How to Loose a Guy in 10 Day... Matthew (yes, we're on a first name basis) was responsible for killing thier love fern... Well, Christopher is no better. And if he wants to defend himself he'll actually have to BLOG! This is a picture of his dying birthday present which was a mature bonsai tree. We have this saying that sometimes when I buy him presents they are for him for me. Meaning I buy them for him, but I will benifit or want it to. Well this year for his birthday I tried really hard to get him something that truly was for him for him and not for him for me. Something that he wanted and I really didnt care about at all. So I hunted for months, high and low for the perfect thing, a bonsai tree. And I finally found a perfect one. Mature enough to appreciate and he would just have to maintain. And lets just say it wasnt cheap. So he's had it since July and he KILLED IT. We jokingly have refered to it as our love fern, and it has gone the way of all love ferns. He transplanted it here in our outdoor pot to try to revive it. However, in his defense, I will say he killed it by drowning it. So atleast he was trying, he just over loved it. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Smores Anyone?

Yes, southern California is once again on fire. There are over 16 fires just in souther cali, 1200 homes burned, 1,000,000 people evacuated to different high schools or the Qualcomm stadium. And thankfully some lessons were learned during Katrina and stadium stays have been much nicer and thier needs are being taken care of. There was one lady who lived through Katrina, moved to Texas and was hit by Rita, and then moved out here, just a few months ago, and her home burned down. Talk about bad luck. She was on the news this morning.

This first picture is the house next door to my friend Hetty that works here in our office. She's been on alert for evacuation for a few days now but they havent had to leave. THey havent been getting any sleep because they've been getting up to check to see the progress. Poor thing is home today resting because she hasnt gotten any sleep. Which brings us to the air quality. The smoke is terrible, even though the closest fire to us is on the other side of the city, depending on which direction the wind decides to blow, we have been bombarded with smoke, which doesnt make for good anything. Its hard to sleep, its been extra hot, but we cant open the windows because then we really cant sleep. When I wake up every morning there is always a spectacular sunrise (and sunset) because of the smoke, and anyone living is Utah is probably enjoying the same. Growing up, I always enjoyed the Cali fires because it just looked awesome for our sunsets... Thats bad I know. So this was the sun this morning. Its hard to take a real picture of the sun, so in real life the pink is much brighter, but this is the best I could do. When I get to my car its just covered in ash, like a thick frost. But the good news is the building I work in has a closed air system, so no smoke or ash inside. I can atleast work and not die. Christopher just told me to pretend like we were camping, because everything smells like smoke. Honey, its just not the same. ;) So anyways... Theres the update.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Phew, what a weekend!

So this weekend was a very long but great one. Lets start at the beginning, Christopher came back from fishing and finished his rotation. He brought these home and said this is what he learned in psychiatry :)

Then we had family start flying in for the BIG EVENT!!! LINDSEY'S WEDDING!!! YEAH!!!!! Friday was the day and they were married in the Newport Beach temple.

It was a beautiful day, better then we have seen in a while. The sky was completely clear and it was pretty warm. Perfect. The sealing was great, an old family friend was able to seal them, which was a nice personal touch. Then afterwards we took pics of course, but Lindsey really wanted pics at the beach, and what a good idea that was because it was a beautiful day at the beach as well. Usually its kind of misty, but it was so clear you could Catalina Island. Also we went to the beach that is painted on the walls of the Garden room in this temple, so it was extra appropriate.

Afterwards we went to the Pacific Club for the receoption where the reception was held. It was absolutely beautiful as well. Her colors were a very soft pink and gold. They had flowers like crazy everywhere and candles galore. Each of the center pieces were enourmous and have more then 150 roses in each and who knows how many of those there were, but seriously, flowers everywhere. We had a dinner and Christopher and Ashley were able to do the toast and tribute to her. I've attached the video, its in two parts though, and I ran out of space for the end mushy part, it cuts off right after Ashley starts crying :)

The whole day was just great, but then to top off the weekend, the entire extended family all went to Wicked again! What a great show!!! Dottie and Sue wore the same shirt, it was kind of funny. I love going up there and walking along the stars and looking at them... Jimmy Stewart and Barry Manilow and Billy Joel, and Andrew Loyd Webber, and all the casts of SNL... Its fun! So if you ever come and visit me, we can go up there. Anways, back to reality, school, and work. I'll post about the fires here in Cali later. We all spontaneously combusted. ;)